Elusive ~ through bitterness


Who do they think they are…

Like they really believe in God ~

They’re just a bunch of compromises I bet ~

They think they know me through my preaching when they know nothing…

I guess they don’t even read the word full of sin in their lives…

Sunday morning worshippers ~ acting like the world all week

God has given me a gift

I can see what going on ~ they can’t fool me

I see dreams visions even hear the voice of God…


Is this how you speak ~

What right do you have to judge my people…

Your pride is that of Satan ~

Usurping my Authority

Do you not remember the humility of my Son…

Without a word ~ when he was reviled nether did he revile back

As a sheep to the slaughter ~ he don’t say a thing

Where is your compassion…

Have you forgot your former sin ~


I love the world

My heart beats endlessly to hear the voice of my children…

As the angel’s rejoice to see my love received

Come my children come…

Receive my love ~ undying


I’m concerned for my chosen in the world because of bitterness
& pride



Empty yourself today and receive the virtue of the cross

The cross reveal ~

your ways ~ to my way


know the lord….

He was wounded for your transgression

Bruised for your iniquities

Chastised for your peace

By his stripes ~

All listeners are healed



Silencing every voice ~

Not of mine….

As many has gone throughout this world

But you .. especially you

You know my voice…

©Copyright 2012 written by:Peter Johnson

5 Responses

  1. There is a fine line between what’s good and what’s right before God and some time the zeal for righteousness can become our own efforts that can end up or become elusively bitter.
    The lord doesn’t need our help he wants our love to shine, many many blessing to you my friends.

  2. A message meant to be heart!!! Amen!!! many, many blessings to you..Robin

    • I feel so humbled right now because some times I try to help the lord when he just wants me to shine with his love
      And truth, it would be nice to keep me in your prayers knowing I don’t alway get it right, blessing to you robin.

      • I definitely understand! But maybe we’re not suppose to get it right all the time…maybe that’s part of God’s plan to help keep us humble….just a thought…LOL…I’ve got you in my prayers….many, many blessings to you…Robin

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