Elusive ~ through bitterness


Who do they think they are…

Like they really believe in God ~

They’re just a bunch of compromises I bet ~

They think they know me through my preaching when they know nothing…

I guess they don’t even read the word full of sin in their lives…

Sunday morning worshippers ~ acting like the world all week

God has given me a gift

I can see what going on ~ they can’t fool me

I see dreams visions even hear the voice of God…


Is this how you speak ~

What right do you have to judge my people…

Your pride is that of Satan ~

Usurping my Authority

Do you not remember the humility of my Son…

Without a word ~ when he was reviled nether did he revile back

As a sheep to the slaughter ~ he don’t say a thing

Where is your compassion…

Have you forgot your former sin ~


I love the world

My heart beats endlessly to hear the voice of my children…

As the angel’s rejoice to see my love received

Come my children come…

Receive my love ~ undying


I’m concerned for my chosen in the world because of bitterness
& pride



Empty yourself today and receive the virtue of the cross

The cross reveal ~

your ways ~ to my way


know the lord….

He was wounded for your transgression

Bruised for your iniquities

Chastised for your peace

By his stripes ~

All listeners are healed



Silencing every voice ~

Not of mine….

As many has gone throughout this world

But you .. especially you

You know my voice…

┬ęCopyright 2012 written by:Peter Johnson

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