Intentional worship



would i wish this for anyone else


Knowing what to do, mile away though!

Rise up…

Is it…Pain pleasure ~ no worship

Wasn’t I made for this…

So, why am i unwilling

I have the will..

The will to worship to be thankful

Honour him ~ bow down, praise sing
songs of adoration

Hallow his name stand in awe

Shout with the voice of triumph

The victory is yours

It’s yours

After all

“Intentional worship my prized secret”

To worship ~ is my strength

My strength is to worship!


©Copyright 2012 written by:Peter Johnson

Another inspiration, from Phil 4:13

2 Responses

  1. Peter, You are a much writer than I, and your writing in verse is beautiful. This verse is true worship from your heart. Amen. James

    • Thank you James, I don’t know much about writing in theory but I know i have a love for it. I’m learning how to articulate my experience, the truth of God and my feeling. To be honest I must keep all three “really with balance” and that i must always pray for. We know that Christ gives Grace to be patient, with myself and others. So if you think my subject matter is off pray for me or bother

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