Life’s great!

While I’m dreaming the experience is great, how much more when I wake up to face the day…”keep the dream a live” I tell myself

Inhaling, exhaling slowly .


whoever you meet
leave a lasting impression
& you will aways be remembered

Make your mark &
” live life with definition”


3 Responses

  1. PJ, How about; “live life with Christ’s definition”
    Your way is very good and sometimes I just get in the way!
    Your old brother or bother in Christ Jesus, James

    • Brother James this statement is deeply personal as I believe I’m first defined by christ in me but I’m aware our passions & gifting defines us also, so the I in me must reach all kinds of people as Paul said “i become all thing to all men” for a reason you know the rest….lol

      As a Christian life coach this ministry is broad, so the term I use would sound foreign to some believers

      But this post would give you more insight to my personal quote “live life with definition” it’s my fishing

      Thanks for the wisdom brother..

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