How effective is marketing through blogging?

Blogging is an amazing forum for a number of reasons as i’ll share in this post but something has been going through my mind lately. My question, does marketing a product apart from your blog, passion or personal experience be profitable
If I’m trying to sell you something on my blog, would you really interested?

From my observation, people marketing a book, short film or motivational video doesn’t seem to get the response likes or comment they would normally get.

I have a psychological theory about blogging maybe you can help me with this, if it’s true press like or leave a comment to help our blogging community.

well the theory is, the culture of blogging seems to be casual but direct in terms of peoples views, belief’s and life experiences. The information from blogging is free and this is what’s so good & enjoyable about blogging. Now to feel under some pressure to buy something seems to be an effort,is this true?

I think bloggers like the mental stimulation of blogging, while some like the dialogue & comments with each other or simply enjoying the beauty what comes out of the human soul through writing, if this is true where is there room for marketing?
When I publish my material it has to be free! to those who follow and appreciate what I write but I’m fully aware that blogging is just fun, casual and shouldn’t be taken to,to seriously.
This is my observation, what yours?

“Each one teach one”

Three broken pieces!


2Cr 4:8 We are hard pressed on every side, but not crushed; perplexed, but not forsaken!

Early one morning as i took a walk to the corner shop, I saw two boy’s arguing, they were about eleven years old, as I over heard the conversation one of them had broken or damaged the chain & gear’s on his friends brand new bicycle. As I looked right there, I saw the gear’s twisted up & the chain on the floor, the disappointment on that boy’s face said it all.

How relevant is this to life? Sentimental things get broken, emotions get damaged in the mismanagement of relationships, after to find the strength to reconstruct what’s been broken or damaged. This is the reality of people’s lives, fighting to get though the day to fight again another day. I suppose only then you realise one’s strength or weaknesses that only give us a clearer view where we are & what we need to do, to move forward.

As I looked at the bicycle and the boys disappointment reminded me of my own experience In 2009 after a major family break down which lead to a deep sense of brokenness, after to discover that those pieces that were broken needed to be redefined, that’s why on my post I some times quote “live life with definition” that’s what I did, redefined myself with the help of Gods Grace.

Now my services as a life coach serves from the heart and not the head.
When I think about my saviour I often think about his brokenness, just like mine. The word of God describes three pieces of a major puzzle that says there are the pieces that remains faith, hope and love but the greatest of them all is love. Love fuelling hope & faith which leads us to the eternal quality called love. Three broken pieces redefined in Christ, faith, hope and love through a personal relationship with God.

Three broken pieces! my life experience.

“Live life with definition”

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