Public victory or private defeat!


“When some one can smile from the inside, then you’ll really living life with definition” Go on then…. Let’s make history!

This was the title of a message I heard many years ago, although I forgot the message the title never left me and now it’s Piercing me with meaning in context of my life experience.
The remedy for a peaceful life isn’t to look good on the outside its to feel good on the inside not to smile on the outside but to laugh on the inside.

My mum use to bake cakes a lot, especially dark cake. I loved watching her pour all the ingredients and the rum into the cake and soak it before she baked it. Thinking about the process reminds me of one of the most important ingredient that’s needed in life. When the flavour is just on the surface of the cake you can’t appreciate the beauty of a baked cake unless the flavour and mixture is right, it might not matter to some people. well for me I love the smell and the flavour more importantly the texture of a well baked cake, shouldn’t life be the same?
One thing I understand, we all like different flavours, what I enjoy mighty not be your taste but I believe we all want substance, quality, the fulfilment that is possible in this life (john 10:10b)

So why is the human soul so troubled? Have we forgotten the formula of the baked cake, not realising the right ingredients, the right sequence is nessersary for texture & taste
So what are some good ingredients for a fulfilled life?
: being spiritually connected to the source of life

:Work from the inside out, keep your house,not that house, your soul!

:Love what you do & do what you love, live life with definition

:Be fare in relationships, do on to other as you would like to be done to you

Be motivated by personal discovery, do things not because it’s good rather because is right

have a great day & good luck if you’ve baked a cake on ” labor day” but more importantly don’t forget the ingredient for a fulfilled life!

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