Many are called & few are chosen


Real knowledge is to know the extent of one’s ignorance. Confucius ~

“Chosen or Called”

It sounds so prestigious to be chosen, what a privilege for some to claim. As some would say it’s our right in Christ. Can we therefore claim to be the “elect” or is this in reference to israel?
Some would say, we as the church has become a kind of Israel but still can we consider ourselves as the elect? I don’t think God would confuse terms like these. Israel would always be called the elect of God. Isa 44:1 “But now listen, O Jacob, my servant, Israel, whom I have chosen.

Does this make the “called out one’s” Ecclecisia second class citizens?
We have to be very careful what context we give these terms, i don’t think God would change his mind about different group of people considering his plans transcends all people’s, families and nations to become ONE In Christ

The parable of the wedding feast is the only solid ground to establish the significance of these terms the people invited was the chosen guess, who were far to busy for the wedding feast. So the servant was instructed by the king to go in the most unlikely places to called those in the highway and byways to come to the wedding feast

The moral of this parable is “Many are Called” and “Few are chosen”

I always thought that the “few chosen” were fortunate but that’s not the meaning. The meaning is the opposite, being called is a reflection of not deserving the opportunity,
appreciating the graciousness of God all the more, unlike the chosen who took there right for granted.
This parable unsettled many Pharisees who heard, knowing Jesus was referring to them.

The new testament church is known as the – Eccleisia called out ones.
Israel is the elect chosen hand picked or selected ISA 43:1, 44:1,2 Act 13:17
The Apostle Paul reveals in the epistles that we are chosen in Christ, Eph1:4, 2tim1:9 which is different from “THE CHOSEN” in reference to the covenant with Israel as a nation before God, Ex19:5,6

In conclusion: being called or knowing your chosen comes down to one important thing, “have I responded to the invitation, the free gift of Gods grace through jesus Christ “…….


“Fellowship is life”


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