Many say & have said, they’ve encountered
an Angel.
But I see them every day! They come & they go, to their respective destinations so don’t hold on, when you see one.


Hbr 13:2 Do not forget to entertain strangers, for by so doing some people have entertained angels without knowing it.

To a dear friend

when i first heard about your life story I was captured by your grief, i didn’t consider you as male or female but a person made in the image of God, with quality that showed me you are a good human being experiencing what no one would desire. The quotes your first shared were very reflective, that’s how I found out about your journey, then you surprised us, with your poems that gave us insight into what you were resolving within. Now as the sun shines, we all can see your beauty, as your poems bring us all a piece of your joy & pain, the result that shows me what a community that cares can achieve together. As I look from time to time I see you getting stronger & stronger, God bless you & your family especially your mum of course the tower of strength. When a good human being can smile from the inside & outside that person really has your interest & well being at heart. we both know that everyone has their own path to tread. my journey like everyone else is a daily challenge as i mentioned in the post: How unique as the grain of sand slowly refines me to be better, do better, like the Inspiration I found that day, You remember The Alchemist,
You taught me something, i believe God wanted me to see, thank you for just being you. Ive notice in life there is that sweet fragrance often no one can describe & that isn’t always sweet but make us a better person for it. As a life coach I must pursue better to be able to lead other to green pastures,
for that I’m grateful what I’m learning from blogs also the bible and through the things that makes me uncomfortable.

I’m glad to know your doing well, good luck with family and the wonderful community you have been bless with.

Sincere regards : Pjgracecommunity

“Make history”

Link :The power of words://


2 Responses

  1. This is so beautiful, so loving and full of grace…it is like a hug from God. My journey has been directed by the Lord and in Him I fully trust. It was His word I clung to in my darkest hour…and then He fufilled a promise He made me — very few believed, most thought I was crazy. If I had any doubts at the time it wasn’t “Could He” it was doubting myself that I perhaps I misunderstood Him.

    It has been a long walk in the wilderness and my faith has never had such a rigorous workout…but I am stronger and I know, though I don’t understand, He will continue to guide me and put amazing people like you in my life as blessings — to light the way. You are such an incredible blessing to me Peter. Truly! Your faith shines so bright!

    I pray you continue on your path of discovery… I know for us both that which we ask in the Lord’s name with faith – He WILL guide and provide.
    Hugs and many many blessings dear sweet friend!!
    Trusting In Him,
    Christina ~

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