I’m so proud

what a success, 2012 London Olympics.


I’m so proud of the London Olympics, which was considered a success (29 Gold) meddles the whole event was special in the light of the negative comments from the media comparing London Olympics to Beijing, as we all know they hosted a great Olympics 2008 the opening ceremony was excellent but comparing Beijing to London Olympics makes no sense, because each culture has some thing wonderful & different to offer. This event over the two weeks was fantastic to see the London 2012 Olympics come alive!

The highlight for me was the Jamaicans in the track & field which was all the more exciting to see. All the support, this small country received from all round the world was amazing. The hard work and sacrifice all these sports people had made over the pass four years
competing for honours


congrats to all the amazing Americans to top the table with an amazing 46 golds meddles, we know you love your sport & are highly competitive, you guys out number us every time, we all know why, England is a tiny island compared to the states.


Nuff respect to China an amazing 38 Gold meddles always outstanding, perfecting & Mastering everything, which is always about technique & hard work.

God bless all people’s from all over the world who were present in London & all the supporters of this event, may this Olympic remind us of the harmony that stands before us with this one thing in common, our humanity.

All those who competed in the Olympics teaches me one thing

“Life life with definition”


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