I acknowledge my sin but I’m a son pt2

The love of a father to his son…but a confession of a son to his father.


The love of God my father is greater than my sin. As the east is far from the west so great is his forgiveness to those who trust him. So what is this I’m feeling right now?
Feel’s like the rejection of sin.
When sin entered the world, sin became apart of my nature, confusing me from my true identity.
who am I ?
The sin or the son?

This journey of life can be confusing sometimes not really knowing who I am, doing what seems to be right, feeling the need to please myself. It’s so uncomfortable this sin, that’s not me, it’s the sin in me. My moral compass tells me something isn’t right i suppose its my conscience warning me, ain’t goner lie.
So how do I let go?

Lift you hands and Sing, feel the spirit in the words that you mean, then you will see how far your are, the result of your sin. Open your heart to God and be free from the deception within. Ask the big question what does it mean to be his son?
Your confession is only half the job, it’s nearly done.
Like the beauty of an apple we never think about its origin, what i mean is the tree. All we see is something useful or beneficial to eat. So the real identify of the apple is not its beauty, taste or texture, its deeper than that, it’s the root, the identity of the tree, that draws life deep down from the soil or the soul of the earth & gives life in its season, that is what sin could never do.

After all that’s I discovered my battle isn’t just sin but like the tree, its me grasping this thing called identity. So now i’ll take the time for fellowship to nurture not sin but the son,my true identity.

©Copyright 2012 written by:Peter Johnson

Rom 6:11 Likewise you also, reckon yourselves to be dead indeed to sin, but alive to God in Christ Jesus our Lord.

“Fellowship is life”


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