Is success the journey or the destination?

success, suCCESS, SUCCESS

Some people finds this subject of SUCCESS a bit of a heart choker, because it’s seems misleading.

Like beauty, it’s all about the perception of the beholder and that’s personal to the individual.

Success is achieving some thing through hard & careful application, the process and end result of a intended pursuit.

The bible defines success as being diligent with Godly instructions.
Prioritising leads to the success that will transcend us.
loving the interest of God opens the door to grace in abundance
As the scripture say ” he give more grace to the humble

Hear my definition

Success isn’t all the things I’ve acquired but simply like a tree with many branches, rooted by a resource of living water that’s touches every living thing around it, leaving a in print on many generations.

Inspired by psalm chapter 1

“With love, to all who believes in the meaning of success”

“live life with definition”

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