Stewing some new post!

I’m really challenging myself in relation to blogging and the things that really matters the most to me. I was encouraged by some bloggers about writing and their advice serve me at this stage of my life, learning about my own writing style and how I can improve , so I decided to stew my post I dare not say the amount I’ve reserved, I’ll leave them to stew for a while……waiting in the wings for the appropriate time. More importantly for Gods blessing and inspiration so all the seasoning would soak through to the bone & morrow of my post.
Many thanks to some one, not forgetting everyone else, who blogs every day and always encourages me to put God first in everything I do

I hope you’ll enjoy the new flavour’s more importantly the seasoning of my food, no my post…lol


“if you can’t laugh at yourself, your missing what it means to be living

My train of thought – Sorry but I’m not conventionalAre we from the same planet…?

“Live life with definition”

6 Responses

  1. Thanks for the link Peter. Your “stewing some new post” idea sounds like a good one. With each passing day there are more lessons to collect and putting them together over time will make for some good posts to share and help all of us live more abundantly than the day before.

  2. Nice blog 🙂

  3. I wish you illumination when you do decide the ‘stew’is ready to be served….it would seem that when God has something He wants one to say…the words just spill out and one just has to get it out there and the reverse is true also. I commend you friend for listening to His voice and direction. Blessings to you~!

    • It’s great to get some feed back, your comment with wisdom christina is food for me to eat, because inspiration is impulsive which demands our attention in that very moment with all the emotion, thought and conviction its ready to serve strait away. Knowing that the message has stewed already in the human soul by life’s experiences. On the other hand as you mentioned a reserve can still be stewing. I needed to hear your comment because the context i have given it will determine the delivery also the response, thanks friend.

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