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Life is strange, yet so colourful on the other hand. I was always taught that we know in part and we speak in part meaning we don’t know it all or have it all together.
In London it’s late evening chilling out, time for some reflection.
Looking at your blogs am blown away by so much diversity, creativity and passion just flowing. It’s weird thinking or imagine possessing someone else’s creativity being passionate about something totally opposite to what I’m currently into. This overwhelming feeling only highlights the magnitude of the greatness of God I see in every post I read and every blog I follow I’m very impressed with the photography I see, the reflective writing the humour and the powerful quotes that I really LOVE.
Am touched by families sharing those precious moments like the “BMX photo”
The toothbrush pictures and those beautiful moments of sunset.
As a person passionate about development, growth is my goal. Sharing my thoughts is the journey.
Learning from you is a process that will add value to my own frame of reference enhancing my tools to reaches the world through, thought, imagination and my reflective questions. I don’t want to fool myself knowing I can only achieve this by recognising that I’m “connected” to everything especially my creator Almighty God. Like the uni-verse can’t be separated from all the other planets neither can I be separate from humanity.

So as I journey into the desert of my destiny wish me luck that I will bring something fresh for tomorrow

many thanks to all those who has press “FOLLOW” on this blog especially you wonderful and creative people who’s just came into my blogging world.


2 Responses

  1. I absolutely love the way you express your thoughts…the words you choose, the feelings they invoke. You have a gift my friend šŸ™‚

    • I really apreciate your comment. I simply want to be of service to the world rising above my own concerns to make history and I believe we all can do that, blogging or wherever we go.
      Just one thing the word “inspiration” in Greek is interpret as God-breathed or the breath. So, its in all of us to make a difference when we are conscious of that breath.
      Many thanks!

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