Constitution or institution


In England you very rarely hear the usage of the word constitution I suppose it’s a matter of terminology or semantic, our culture is very much a lover of institution as the history tells us that’s what made great Britton great! at a time called the age of “mission and colonialisation” these term although we live by them every day this is the frame work that under pins our society and definitely keep everything moving in the right direction in terms of family , education , politics and religion.
Being exposed to the kingdom of God the holy spirit is using my life’s journey learning to establish the understanding of the kingdom of God a concept and culture which many find hard to grasp

The basic teachings of the kingdom Jesus used many metaphors to illustrate the meanings and the dynamic of this new life , Jesus often said the kingdom is like a farmer sowing seeds
as he sleeps knows not how the seed grows.

Regeneration is the bases of entering the kingdom of God which we know as being born again, this process is the renewing of Gods spirit in us John 3:3 Titus 3:5

So moving on from this point is the kingdom of God an institution or is it our constitutional platform that we live by, meaning “our rights” as citizens

Institutions are places where we learn or conform to the general patten of life , constitution is the common principle we live by ( I need some help from the Americans)
You guys know this better than me…lol

What do you understand about citizenship in context of the kingdom?

How important is the isuess of the heart in relation to our actions as citizen of the kingdom?

Mar 4:11 He told them, “The secret of the kingdom of God has been given to you. But to those on the outside everything is said in parables
Mar 4:12 so that, “‘they may be ever seeing but never perceiving, and ever hearing but never understanding; otherwise they might turn and be forgiven!’

What I like about this scripture is the lord want us to understand how willing he is towards us knowing the mysteries of his kingdom
The biggest deception in the garden of eden was Satan sold the idea that the lord God was holding some thing back from eve which caused her to respond independently to sin against the lords instructions.

The constitution of the kingdom of God is our right to enjoy our God
Through his Grace , mercy , forgiveness and all his blessing to represent him on earth

What’s your thoughts

Check out:“The kingdom is a seed”


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  1. Great post Peter. I think as citizens of the kingdom of God, it’s important to find the gifts He has given to each individual and to use these gifts to help others in the community.

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