“Culture Clash”

I suppose we have all heard or lived in a time when war, politic or civil and human rights was the topic of discussion, even beyond religion
I believe there is a transcend culture on the verge of causing a “cultural clash”
Its not colour nor race, politics or religion

But “technology , brands and branding”

for example when you bought your smart phone what did you buy? I guess a phone with Internet usage also multimedia usage with the luxury of calling anyone world wide

I’ll tell you, what you bought is not just a phone, you bought into a culture that’s technological , the science or method in which now shows us how we are living under a culture thats defining our lives in our society

The war of technology and banding is not about money but who’s culture will rule the masses

Look at apples law suit against samsung this isn’t about money it’s bigger than that is about the dominate culture that takes all

The clash might be if your an android user or an apple user sound trivial right now but we’ll see
this could be the clash of a new culture distracting us in a conceptualised age?

They say that we are in a different era which has have moved deeper into the information age, which also is know as the computer or digital age into an age called “conceptualised” age that simply means that people are questioning Things from a different point of view , the question is about the “why not how”
because we have the technology to work out “how” now the challenge is why?
This concept is the search for definition which is more evident in this age where the need for a deeper sense of fulfilment transcending work or money which is becoming more and more obvious, recognising the need for spiritual meaning in these times.

So what is the conceptualised age really about , this is when information that is accessible is placed with in an idea then the concept becomes a culture

(My paraphrase)
The bible says we wrestle not against flesh and blood But unseen forces, spirits , Authorities, governments, human thoughts, most definitely influential ideas, this could also be through modern “technology?

What I want to encourage is the kingdom of God concept isn’t a doctrine but the way we live as community representing God on earth this concept has a lot of history from David the king of Israel, Gods promise was the kingdom will be a everlasting kingdom and there is no end to his dominion Ps 145:13
Jesus came to fulfil the promise for us to enter this life and culture through his death and resurrection , the kingdom which also is mentioned in revelation 3:7-11 as the dispensational view of the church and culture before Christ comes back for his bride
The church in these last day has a great responsibility to encourage not just church but the kingdom culture that will bring glory to God in this conceptualised age, so that the worlds questioning will be the grounds for liberty and salvation not just conforming to everything that’s new in a conceptualised age.

I will be posting more about the kingdom of God and the “significance of this culture” in the coming weeks


2 Responses

  1. Great post! Very thoughtful! May His best be yours! –Sebastian

    • Thanks for your comment sebastian, the kingdom of God culture is the massage we need to feed on because it transcends tradition doctrine and denominations in a conceptualise age where we can be one in christ. John 17:20-23

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