I suppose I’m the freshman!

I suppose I’m the freshman of the wordpress community as it’s been my first year blogging
When I first started I suppose I was a bit casual about it all , not really understanding the culture of blogging
until I wrote my first book about identifying evidences Gods grace, yet to be release not long from now.
The challenge throughout writing this book was about my focus and desire, after i finished the book I felt motivate to keep writing and posting some of the things i felt strongly about. The life coaching diploma has also been a fantastic journey which I’m about to finish. My interest is very much based on theology and psychology that harmonises with my core values.


The name pj grace community isn’t a organisation or a body of people its about my attitude toward myself, God and other people and the dynamics of community life in a broad sense in relation to becoming more objective. I love what I believe and I’m not afraid to listen to other people’s views.

The journey of blogging has and is helping to write about other material as my subject matters has really expounded
The wordpress community has helped me to improve on my passion for writing many thanks to you all.
I want to set some goals for the coming year around this blogging culture that’s invigorating me for I have learnt something new every day from everyone else’s perspective,desires and personal goals which only makes me stronger and stronger
Every day different races , cultures and people, all sharing something in common blogging ,we all have a story a message or valuable information to share that’s what I believe is making the world a better place when we engage!

Well I best get back to the press to work on something new , have a Great day!

From: pjgracecommunity

Enjoy the song!


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  1. I enjoy your freedom to share, PJ. I would love to read your book. Have you found an editor yet? What publishers have you tried? I would be interested in taking a look at it.

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