Serving two masters !

I was told to love my self but my heart love’s the lord
Where did I get this from anyway?
Maybe it was the poet.

I know my redeemer lives , so why am I trying to redeem myself

What does the scriptures say?
The lord is my light and my salvation who shall I fear?

What am I really up against from day to day?
Every one is saying “I am grateful for my life”
Are they being serious?
Sounds a bit Cliche, Is this a game? ,if so this is not for me!

I know my core values They always speak to me
So what is really happening?

Your heart is divided between two masters!
What I’m serving to masters

Yes, its mammon a Unseen force, what’s that?
I thought it was money , No it’s bigger than that , it’s man’s pursuit for wealth and gain beyond the value of you soul.
Wow! is that what I’ve been doing, yes !
So what do I do?
First you must love your source creator and his sacrifice he made over 2000 year ago through his son Jesus Christ , Then loving your self becomes natural , so the poet deceived me, no it wasn’t the poet it was the poem !
Oh no, Ive been listening to that poem most of my life , it’s what all my friends and colleagues has alway said about becoming famous and rich!

You must redefine that concept because being rich doesn’t equal wealth , fame doesn’t mean your successful , money don’t alway make a man or woman resourceful

Am going to rewrite the my script and live by a different poem

Luk12:15 , Then he said to them, “Watch out! Be on your guard against all kinds of greed; a man’s life does not consist in the abundance of his possessions.”


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