As he approached that great city Jerusalem they laid palms before him saying hosanna, sounds like a warm welcome of praise but little do we know this term is a cry or plea for help, a request for salvation. As their voices became louder and the city in view , he looked knowing their hearts was only for Jesus to over fro the ruling powers that seemed to disregard the rule of God and their culture
The prophesy must be fulfilled as he rides on a donkey, does anyone remember the prophesy at this moment? No
This feast of tabernacles a feast of remembering their humble beginning
as lord of yahweh providing and protecting them in the wilderness where they dwelt in booths . This celebration is a pilgrimage to the city of Jerusalem to worship the Lord The real meaning of this celebration became a distant memory to a people disgruntle in view of their unforeseen liberty no longer realising how great God is.
Jesus came to conquer sin and death not for political powers but for the eternal arrangement for all humanity and those who receives his loving grace .
So When your in need , shout hosanna
a plea for help and your loving father the lord of Glory will hear you and come in !

I hope you enjoy this song.


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