A Ripple In My Ocean !

Feeling in turmoil on a blusterous and windy morning , with no peace of mind only to look downwards with my hood up and my eye on my iPhone.
Expecting some feedback , who’s listening and who really cares ? Is this the culture of our day, looking for what doesn’t really exist ? Hoping or waiting for another email or text to be remembered in this big wide ocean. As the wind blows so many thoughts through on my mind. I’m looking forward just to reach my place of work. Then all of a sudden “inspiration” reminds me of Martin L King JR, Thomas Edison , Abraham Lincoln , nelson Mandela , John maxwell , Paul the Apostle and my” lord Jesus Christ”
Only to remember they are all ripples in my ocean

I think i'm waiting , waiting for what? for the sun to shine. I suppose disappointed as London seems so cold , why am I complaining wasn't the winter colder , I guess so
So what is the real problem then? maybe my expectation didn't meet my appetite , Ok just remember this experience because that same appetite might redeem you one day
That you might become a ripple in some one else's ocean

©Copyright 2012 written by:Peter Johnson

” fellowship is life”


9 Responses

  1. I found so many resonances with my own life in this post. Thank you for stirring something in me today. Also, thank you for visiting the Muse Shack at wordpress.

  2. Thank you for stirring something in me today. I find so many resonces with my own life in this post. Thank you too for visiting the Museshack blog.

  3. Yes. Let it be so with me and lasso with you. Let us encourage and be encouraged. But let us not just be idle. But instead be alive and make ripples that bring life.

  4. Great post!!!

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