The caterpillar & the butterfly

There was an interesting conversation between a caterpillar and a butterfly the debate was to see who can reach the mountain top first.
So the caterpillar said” are you proposing a race with me?
the butterfly said “yes”
So the caterpillar thought it was impossible to beat him in his present state, so he decided to distract the butterfly.
While they were debating the butterfly was exhausting his own energy not considering the challenge was a head of him.
So the butterfly set the date for the race for the next day. At sun rise the butterfly still felt tired from the debate they had the day before, So the caterpillar being wise gave the butterfly a few days to recover before the race knowing that his process of transformation was inevitable to challenge his rival.

Unfortunately the frustration of the caterpillar delayed the process and the manifestation became in complete and then the caterpillar remembered what he had Learnt , so he relaxed and breathed
“That all” relax and breathe
As he repeated this process in his mind time and time again the process accelerated and the transformation happened…how? He doesn’t know but it happened

The opposing butterfly became anxious knowing he didn’t have the advantage any more as the caterpillar became a butterfly too
The opposing butterfly decided to abandon the race not realising that his opponent had flew towards the mountain top not for competition or rivalry simply because the mountain became the the object of focus.
As the butterfly rose higher he said “the freshness of the air the tranquility of space the height the overview of everything beneath me is amazing”
Finally… reaching the beauty of that mountain he imagined.

Being spiritual is not about learning new things but simply remembering what you learnt !
: By Wayne dyer

“Fellowship is life”

By pjgracecommunity



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