“Transmute that energy”

Have you seen the film “in time” staring Justin timberlake ?

Well the gist of the film is time is currency what a concept !
What do you understand about currency ?
What is valuable to you ?
whatever or wherever we place our value ,that thing becomes our currency
Currency is for trading or for personal gain like material things , natural resources , technology , information

but on a conscious level the hole ball game is different why because it all about experience , soul searching and discovery

The currency in blogging is not just information or the recognition from those we want to attract
But on a Higher level it about the energy !

Energy that’s being transmuted from different parts of our being to satisfy the soul or to affirm who we are .

Do your know that your soul is only as valuable as the recognition you give it

Do you know that successful people have used levels of energy in there being to further their success

Do you know that sexual energy and creative energy is one and the same

Do you know that same energy your wasting being frustrated , angry or sleeping around with the wrong people is “ POWERFUL ENERGY

Let me give you some examples :

1) I grew up with depression not realising my condition and the journey to my recovery started by simply going jogging twice a week.
Exercising only caused the to blood circulation to flow better , only to transmute the energy and endorphins in my body ,feeling better and responding better to the things I have to face on a daily.

2) as a young man I struggled to be coherent i knew what I wanted to say but this inability held me back

Whenever I’m in my zone this same positive energy or transmuted energy only inspire me to read, learn and listen

my retention had become amazing
Now I can stand before thousands to get my point across
Thank God !

3) when my wife isn’t feeling the same sexual energy as a man it use to effect me bad ,I felt floored or devalued and often become rebellious not communicating whenever I didn’t get my own way

But now I understand sexual energy or transmutation , that energy wouldn’t go to waste , that energy is creative energy, why not create?
Why not work on a future plan ?
Why not engage with the things that adds more value to you ?
So don’t you want to become the currency that everyone want ?
Don’t be frustrated, just at value to you!

Watch this video about: transmutation


2 Responses

  1. very interesting veiwpoint i do agree in principle with the video sexual energy is life energy lets be clear for the record each and everyone of us was created by the act of sexual contactwe came into the world created and everything we do in this world is that in essence everything we use see consume was either created by man or nature or god take your pick we are creative beings we have to be and as the bibile says man was created in gods image or ability however you see it..we cant survive unless we create like the father like son

    • Good point !
      But the truth is we can find context in this , I Respect this wonderful Gift from God and i’m trying to uses it not to manipulate any one just to create a better life !

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