Character or the absence of it

A person without character is just a personality so be careful of the over indulgent humour of any persons known or unknown

A charismatic person can be like the wind but a man or woman of character will be remembered for centuries to come

What do you want to be remembered for ?

The bible says that God gave divine gifts to mankind which is for service to each other but the apostle says that the gifts are (inspiration or God breathed) for imperfection so when we become of age or maturity meaning spiritually we wouldn’t need charisma in a carnal sense any more
The word charisma in Greek is translated gift which is a divine enablement to perform a service or a task
This is wear we get the word charismatic from , I’m not trying to disrespect or become prejudice against this term or any peoples but I want to be a man of character , sustainable , loving , humble and objective enough to listen when other people speak and become real In my response to you

thank you for helping me to grow, to every one I know and have known
if your for me or against me !!

Many great writers and philosophers has gained the recognition for their processes which is ground breaking and made history but what stands out time and time again apart from their discovery is character the determination to try and try again believing in that treasure that transcend our understanding to perceive the significance of their product that has changed the course of history to where we are today

Thank God for these people’s !

Who could you place in this category ?

What example would you hold with such regard ?

Who do you think sets the pace
To follow ?

What’ is one of you favourite enduring quotes that embodies what your about?


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