Is your psychology healthy ?

My son has been struggling with confidence in his game play as a footballer or as Some people would say soccer but what I understand about confidence it’s based on what you believe to be true !
So I decided to talk to him and he told me , dad I don’t feel good enough in the team and I replied “ok son”
But the bottom line is do you enjoy playing ?
He said yes dad , I said that’s all that matters enjoy yourself, if you enjoy yourself then its a matter of time before you’ll see you own development and you performance will become evident

Our psychology is about 65% of our performance the rest is ability and fitness
So how do we correct our psychology ?

1) gain in-depth knowledge of our pursuits
2) visualisation , meditation or prayer
3 desire, passion ,and determination
4) transmutation or self arousal
Using emotion to anchor you goal
5) resting preventing fatigue and tiredness making room for a renewed desire !
6) don’t BURN OUT at any cost
For the journey is not for the swift or the strong but to him who thoughtfully prepares and endures !

How do you feel about your psychology ?


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