Does “ONE SIZE” fit all ?

I was watch an amazing film called the gangs of new york with Daniel day Lewis and leonardo dicaprio, Daniel day Lewis the actor in the film was called the butcher the top man in his tribal gang in new York which was based in the late 1800 after the American civil war which end in 1865
In these time where groups were preserving themselves and the only way to do that was through being associated to a gang the film is brutal how and what people was doing to survive but what stood out was the disconnection of their humanity
Realising every one was fighting for the same thing respect .
The corruption in the film through survival becomes more evident as a young boy aims to avenge his fathers killer and infiltrates the gang
We live in a time were we are aware of our choices and those choices for most of us isn’t a gang the choice is what school, college or career or area we want to live in that independence seem to be the master of our fate we can make things happen , I know what your thinking “am I a magician” , no that right but we are using the power of choice is that true ?
In all the disturbing stuff we hear on the news, in our communities or even families I pray God don’t let me fail to see the need and the cry of humanity , I know what you saying
That everyone must live by their own choices true but what about some compassion , some human empathy
Have you ever fallen into a pit before ? and was it deeper than your own height
How did feel ? What were you thinking ? How did you react ?

For me I panicked for fear and survival also knowing my mum would kick my butt for being where I shouldn’t have been !

But this pit reminds me of the condition of some people trap and fighting for survival knowing they can’t rectify the past mistakes
That has shaped their life
We are up against an enemy that is unseen but influential in our world and that enemy is ” poverty and deprivation ” accompanied with ignorance which causes many to fight for survival in the literal sense
We see it in gangs , crime also see it in politicians in neighbour hoods that are predominant in one race or another , the reality is we are disconnected
Over the years I’ve been thinking more objectively although I have deep conviction about life ,faith and humanity psychology and social development and I see the need to let go of those labels, stereotypes in my head remembering that one sizes don’t fit all .


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