The kingdom is life !

Language is a beautiful thing and through it we learn so much about culture values and behaviour
Over the years I’ve traveled a few good places and what I’ve learnt is amazing but this journey of consciousness has taken the lid off all the mysteries I knew but never really understood .
When I look at the animal kingdom and the plant kingdom
I see a simplicity of understand and the connection to our consciousness the answers to our questions are forever before our eyes .

When I read the bible it all makes sense to me , the visual picture
The illustrations and parables
But I often question did we miss understand jesus’s teachings

When you here the word kingdom what comes to mind ?
For me I use to think about a king ruling over countries and governments
But as I’m becoming more conscious of words , terms and it’s meanings I see a different side to this concept

When we read the book of Mark he illustrates Jesus as being dynamic in his ministry as I do believe so which is a side of kingdom power

But if you look at the plant or animal kingdom the focus is the life before we think about power we need to consider the life That Jesus gives to those who receives the kingdom in their hearts

The consciousness of life leads to power, influence and self-control
Power is not about controlling people or manipulate them to get your own way but to set the example for others to follow if they choose ?

Ive been reading a book by napoleon hill , think and grow rich which was written in the late 1930, as I believe that prosperity and poverty begins in the mind which effect us spiritually but what I’ve learnt is the subconscious is open to anything or any influence that we feed it
So when Paul the apostle mentions to be renewed in the spirit of your mind I see the connection to consciousness and to our spirit
Don’t let me loose the point , kingdom is the life the life is the influence and influence is power

But what is overwhelming to
me is the realisation and the privilege of this life I am so grateful for what opportunity God has give me
to enjoy through Christ to serve and learn about life
Not forgetting to share this understanding with all people’s
World wide
Thanks for taking the Time to read this
for the kingdom is about the life !

Romans 14:17NLT
For the Kingdom of God is not a matter of what we eat or drink,( that’s personal preference) but of living a life of goodness and peace and joy in the Holy Spirit.


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