HOPE isn’t a tedious journey !

There is so much muscle to the HOPE which we have in Christ unfortunately the English language give the notion that HOPE is just some thing we expect which seems bland and tedious waiting for some thing to happen.

In my quest to apprehend this hope I discovered a lot of muscle in it’s meaning !
The bible says no discipline for the present isn’t joyful but after the benefit are obvious
To create a new habit it’s been said that it takes twenty one days to form one or to break one
But HOPE takes on a different persona first of all HOPE transcends this life into eternity , secondly HOPE is a anchor for the Human soul, which is sure and steadfast

Thirdly HOPES expectation is joyful.
HOPE allows us to know in part meaning to taste or feel the resonation of our HOPE before the full manifestation
Forth point hope is like caffeine which stimulates the mind , mental stimulation is what is needed in these times recession can do one or two things , stop us thinking becoming subject to the current standard or become more creative mentally for survival and progress for the betterment of our own lives and those in our communities , one thing we can’t afford to compromise is this hope which is the treasure and the heart beat of the believer.

1cor 15v19 says if we have HOPE in CHRIST only in this lIFE we are men most miserable
When we understand this point the real journey of HOPE will begin

The maturity of HOPE becomes faith which is certain , sure ,
and frames what our world at present consist of which carries us into eternal life which is our eternal HOPE.

So like Abraham HOPED against HOPE and believed God !
And it was counted to him as righteousness .

Have A good day for hope isn’t tedious!


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