In the Garden there were two tree’s

Depending on your background this story might provoke a range of feelings which maybe fiction or nonfiction but the message and principle Lives on
But my question is how does it relate to the way we live today ?

Ok let’s look at the story , The lord God made the heavens and the earth and during that process he begins the fine detail of what we now see around us

Then the story goes direct to the Garden and what he made was pleasing to the eye and good for food in the middle of the garden was two distinct tree’s considering there were tree all around but the bible says in the middle of the garden there were two tree’s

One tree was the tree of life the other was the tree of the knowledge of good and evil

One was life, the other was knowledge based

Well for me I see the battle of these values of life vs the knowledge of good and evil
Our morals comes from this tree of knowledge of good and evil anyone thinking that’s good but this same knowledge gets us in trouble because be spiritual or Godly isn’t about knowledge or basic morals when we sin we know it’s wrong our consciousness tell us so But still this knowledge can’t help us

Are we then eating from the wrong tree? Yes

The world is eating from this tree the politician are also , the religious world are to
This is why we need to understand our salvation it’s not a message about right and wrong but “ LIFE

Rev 2v7 say to him that over comes I will give him access to the tree of life which is in the paradise of God the word paradise in Greek is translated as garden
Jesus gave many clues to himself as life or Source, he talked about the true vine , the eternal bread , living water , the light of the world
The resurrection is “LIFE”

In the garden man was given to instructions , one to till or work the land as the land became man’s responsibility and after then he was instructed not to eat from that tree and he also knew the consequences of eating from it

What governed man was not law but grace between God and man who’s fellowship brings harmony through Christ victory over Sin and death

We can enjoy life not law because law leads us to sin consciousness which only abounds more and more

Under the new-testament christ through grace has given only two commandments 1john 3v23 which says to believe in his son and to love one another everything else is a love response there is no law in love , love is a response , open , humble , kind . Thoughtful , quick to listen and quick to learn !
which is a out pouring of life from the source

To day we see a battle of doctrine and Grace or religion and truth but one thing is good to know that doctrine gives a sense of order and perspective to accompany this life but Grace directs us strait to source life in Christ.

What would you prefer knowing about life or experiencing it?
This is what separates the religious people from those eating from the masters table experiencing life not talking about it Rev 3v20

When Jesus came to earth the story ends up at the same place where it all started in the garden ” Gethsemane” and finally on the tree on calvary where Jesus reconciles us to God by his death on the tree giving us access to life again not in a tree or by one, but in himself.


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