Life’s journey !

Life is like a person with an empty bag and on life’s journey we pick up different things through the people we meet and the conversations we have.

One day, that person the same person decided to look into the bag and found
Gratitude , harmony , self respect , joy , consideration
And love !

So that same person decided to make a note of all the good things in that bag before putting them back inside
And when ever they meet some one they went into that same bag and
shared it with them , after everything went back in that same bag !

one day there was no one to share with or help and life became dull so that same person start looking in the mirror and started to make some adjust to themselves and found it meaningful and empowering , remembering that every thing they gave to others was what they needed and after going back into the bag time and time again they found some thing called “identity”
Which brought colour and clarity and a different meaning to life !

So the journey transpired to heights unimaginable and the feelings of emptiness became a distant memory
But the lesson learnt deeply absorbed
Consciously defining one thing to serve out of abundance so that we would always abound and never be found lacking !


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