Fellowship is life !

In a world where the human soul is crying to be notice in search for meaning, identity or simply for love !

Do you remember the first day you started school and all the anxiety of going there not knowing where to stand or to sit conscious of the thoughts what people think about me.
The reality is they only think what they see on your face !

When we got settled we found a sense of belonging with friend that accepted us and we also with them which I call this “the journey of fellowship” what a lovely word.
The word fellow is an old English term for friend and ship is union or togetherness of that friendship

We were made for fellowship it’s one of our most important needs in humanity , the problem is we confuse the issues related to fellowship like the miss uses of sex , material wealth , status etc…………..

What are the different levels of fellowship : with our maker : in a community or family sense : life partner meaning a wife or husband : business : social, where we share the same interest or values : religious where we have the same convictions, the only problem in any level of fellowship is we shouldn’t think exclusively in relation to others, fellowship should be inviting, open and objective even if we disagree on any miner point but what happens when there is no fellowship between

any group of people
What did Jesus do
Who did he have fellowship with
Was he prejudice
Was he bitter with the establish group in his time?
So what was his focus

What’s your focus in fellowship…..

“Fellowship is life”


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