How reliable is pride !

2 Chronicles chapter : 15,16 is where an amazing story about a king who endeavours to remove all idolatry in all the lands of Judah
And at his 36th year reign he comes into conflict with Baasha the king of Israel but what surprises me is that people were leaving the region of where king Baasha was to
Judah which reflects all the hard work done In Judah through Asa removing every unGodly sense of worship even this mother in-law who worshiped foreign gods. Asa never had any war or conflict for 30 years
When king Asa heard what was happening he made an alliance with other nations against the king of israel using the temples Gold & Silver to influence and strengthen his alliance against king baasha with the other nations. So baasha stopped building the wall of separation and Aza removed all the resource at Ramah that separated judah from Israel

This remind me of some of the rivalry we often face is business when people leave or set up there own company competing against us
Or when people leave churches looking for greener pastures
Often pride takes over and scandal or criticism kicks in
Only leaving a bad taste in our mouth !
King Asa approach or strategy was only fuelled with pride making the situation worse , when the lord spoke through the prophet he raged and lock up the man and ill treated the people of his region

In the absence of war the dependance of the king and his people was the LORD but the complacency of the king only lead into pride making independent decisions
When the king became ill he refused to seek the lord and eventual he died with this same attitude and rested with his fathers
The only thing God can do with stubborn pride is to remove us out the way and make room for his grace through his spirit or selfless individuals who would Glorify the name of the lord

my prayer is lord don’t let me be miss lead by pride , let me forever lean on you and show your self strong when I am wrong ! 2chron 16v9


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