Don’t Fracture my Ego !

I’ve been researching a lot on this issue about the human soul in regards to consciousness. To my surprise I’m changing from the inside, as I’m coming into a deeper realisation of my existence. My significance to my source is the focus of everything I do.

What we have learnt from childhood to when we reach a greater
Level of consciousness if through salvation in Christ or seeing the need for change or laying aside bad habits, only to realised we’ve just feed our ego

Ego is who we think we are and what we believes make us happy
It’s identity is attached to things , people , self praise and the accolade of self application or what we call achievement

I don’t want to take anything away from hard work , discipline and sacrifices we have made to make life better for us and those we love
But ego don’t define you !

Only through tough times, hardship lost or failure we begin to awaken to the consciousness of life and often finding ourselves asking the big question ? Who am I, what’s my purpose , what should I really be doing ?

Thats the ego crying out on the verge of a fracture, fighting consciousness and realisation

Let’s stop for minute , what makes a apple a apple ?
The tree , so without the tree the apple is nothing precisely !
So where does our identity comes from ? Who is our source
What’s stopping us being connected

Well God is my infinite source , endless bountiful and free to all Who believe. The consciousness of my existence is through knowing experiencing love from the source
That acceptance and validation
Defines me and heightens my awareness to respond in gratitude
And appreciation for all people creed or colours.
Consciousness transcends what we label or define , jesus said God is spirit , how do we define spirit ?
But the consciousness of God is made manifest as spirit
God breathed in man and he became a living soul that same spirit is called the breath so breathe !

Can you now feel the spirit ?
It’s in the breath you breathe
The consciousness of your breath is the reality of life so if your stressed Breathe , if you angry breathe , before you talk to God breathe !


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