Leaders need LEADERS !

That same evening after the lord had risen ,Peter said I’m going fishing, this wasn’t a question or a suggestion to the other disciples but the reflection of peters nature !

The strength of their companionship they shared over three and a half years shows thats all they had left was going back to what some of them knew fishing. So the rest of them said we are coming to !
On my reflection were they all fisher man ?
But the influence of peter was prominent and impulsive that they all decided to go , this is what I love about the lord he takes us as we are and he put his fine touches around the rough edges of our lives and glorifies himself

Peter knowing his own profession and the tricks of his trade thought that this time it was just business as usual but little did he know that Jesus was making provision for the disciples that he loved, as they toiled all night and caught nothing “Jesus shouted cast your nests on the other side” the test of leadership !
So they did and caught an abundance of fish

No matter how knowledgeable we are in our field that deep cry for leader is always needed !

As the story proceeds and they come to shore they see a fire and fish, Jesus gives them bread as a reminder of the good times and fellowship they shared , as they eat everyone was silent and jesus poses the big question ,Peter love me more than these , I guess he was referring to the successful catch or his profitable business as he was a fisherman
Then he says Peter “feed my lambs”
This statement was piercing to the up and coming leader but peters guilt and conviction caused him not to respond but react out of frustration
Some of The most powerful things we see in scripture came out of the dialogue or questions the lord often asked his leaders

May be Peters insufficiency was his true need for the lords leadership
In order to love and serve the sheep
He realises this as a need for (leadership)

The combination of peters failure , character and his affection for Jesus was a good catalyst for transformation which we see on the day of Penticost

When I had my first child I know life would demand so much more of me but being aware of my need brought me under the lords leadership even more , that’s why reflective moments if when we slip up or say the wrong things or seem to be indifferent to the people we love, can be insightful only showing our need for divine leadership , just remember we have the lord above all lords and a king thats greater than any king

In these times let us be situated in Green pastures is a healthy place for our growth where we can trust like minded people, finding time to be lead by quite and still waters only to revive our vertical and horizontal relationships
And the rest the lord will do for his name sake !

So Let our cry be for his leadership !
To live, love and serve each other. Eph 4:13

God. Bless!


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