God Is In The Detail !

Life can became like looking into a messy waldrobe or an untidy cubroad.
One thing that is hard to see is the detail , the value , the importance of those things and even when you may possiblely need them.
The big question is where to start ?

Well decluter as soon as possible, the hole process of declutering is a healthy phycological experience
that would make you feel better for it .
Once you have declutered you would know what’s good and what no longer has no place in you life
This process is about evaluating your core values.
This is the place where we can live life to the full, where we find true happiness and peace of mind !
In the detail.

When God gave the instruction to moses to build the tabernacle there were different material used like gold , silver bronze, fine linen, goats hair, accia wood , onyx stone
All the detail represents the deity of christ the anointed one

“Our God is about the detail” that might be the things “people take no intrest in” or “pay no attention to” thanks be to God !

“The lords prayer” is about the detail ! Our needs and Gods intrest in the earth matt 6v9-15

So let 2012 be the time to know the lord and the detail of his charactor as his grace covers the detail of our lives

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