Toxic emotion !

Well toxic behavour began in the garden when man and woman were tempted by Satan ! The negitive emotion called guilt kick in then shame , then blame and deception then fear accompanied by condemnation and finaly death seperation from God !
The charactor of toxic emotions are obvious: judgmental , critical bitterness resentful , always angry ,activist, fighting for justice at any cost , insensitive , ignorant, hasty.
The real sign of this emotion is when people can’t change the conversation to anything positive or productive .
Toxic emotion lacks ambtion, aspersions
Inovation , or moral soundness .
This is when people we love need help
So becareful of : work colleages , relationships , , neighbours , brothers , sisters , or any one your helping !


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  1. i share your thoughts on this subject something i have meditated on over the years of my own experiences. have you ever considered the thought that what we call emotions may be spiritual happenings as we become attuned to whatever we are experiencing and that all emotions may be the connection to the spiritual part of human consciousness, so when a person claims in a fit of anger or joyous expression ” i do not know what came over me” they may be at that time experiencing something out of there physical awareness it ”may” explain that’s why some people cant handle this part of life very well because they are not attuned to the creator or have not accepted that we are more than just the sum of flesh, tissues.nerves.blood etc…we i believe are vessels that have the ability to incarnate many different aspects of conscious again hate, lying,wickedness may be entity’s that possess us and wait for our being to become receptive before they take hold and manifest…just a thought….pj

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