Soul survivor !

Soul survivor

There is emence pressure on the human soul in these end times. Its is in our nature to survive under pressure and intense stress .
Being a soul survivor is the key ! nurishing and strengthening the soul is the bases of winning the battle. First the emotions to impact the mind then a postive impression will show through our spirit .
Often depressed people don’t know why they feel that way being so tangled up with feelings fears and frustrations the question for many of us , where do we start with all of this

Well make a note or make a Diary for a month and separate it in to sections one side feelings the other side needs Begin by acknowledging your feeling give them some attention by identifying what they are ! and what you believe you realy need .
This would be a good place to start for your growth, through recognition of your feelings then you can understand yourself a lot more .
Compulsive obsessive behaviours is about people doing things without thinking what they realy need or what’s best for them .
The bible says we should hold captive our throughts and feeling how we do that ? by identifying what is those thought and feeling also label them for what they realy are .


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