Pt3 The Campaign

Most people are aware of the absence of God than the presence of God. A lot of people are aware of the presence of sin than evidences of grace because so often we over look how God works And much of God’s work in our lives is inward relating to the issues of the heart , in most cases
it’s not “spectacular” unless we are desperately in need. Gods Grace is rarely obvious to the individual if we are not expect it. normally Grace is reconized as we look back and question How did I get through this stage of our life
The bible says the kingdom of God is forcefully advancing from the days of john the baptist till now so Lets challenage the lingering feeling of disatisfaction and the lack of active and practical Christianity in our communities. What a joy it is to discern where and how God is at work, drawing people’s attention to this mystery and celebrating God’s grace in their lives Eph 1v7-8

If The Grace of God is the fuel of your salvation look out for the book !
Coming soon .


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