On the 8th day , cut off !

on the 8th day a jewish male child is circumstised , simbolic of the seperation of the flesh and spirit the old and new ,remember they are not compatible they are enemies !
be meciful to the sincere but cut of all the decievers because they have one goal in mind, and that is to undermind you.
Do you value yourself ? do you believe you have something to offer ?
so do they ! cut them off, they will never tell you that, because you are a fret of being a major success a round them
and that is there challenage. When their inablity should be there only challenage “not me or you”
8 is the number of new begingings and that’s what has happened everything seems new to me since” the cut off”
I’m inhailing and exhaling new life ,the inhailing is pure Godly energy and exhailing pure inspiration adding value to others join me and journey to your 8th day.


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