Settlers or pioneers

In life there is two types of people well there are a lot more but I want to focus on two, the settler and the pioneer.
Settlers : they are community people that loves the sense of culture and routine their strenght is nurture sounds motherly
this is an important quality for a sustainable future for the community .
Pioneers : they are visionaries , hunters , protecters , of their community in these days they are called entreprenurs , self made, and sustained by what they have anabled to work.
My question to you which one is more like you and how does it fit in you professional role or social and community
activities ?
2) are you happy with that role or are you seeking some changes ?
3) what are you better at caring for people or working out solutions for the moving forward ?
No matter what category you fall in the question still remains do you have the skill to develop or sustain the mission ?
If not let this be your goal to improve you, to be the impact and the outcome
Of a settler or a pioneer.


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