The law was given

God gave the law to a lawless people that spent 400 hundred years in slavery who were far from understanding the covernant of promise given to there fore fathers Abraham,issac,and jacob the purpose of the law was to bring this group of people back in fellowship with God and awearness how to approach God .
The law don’t just teach them about right and wrong it shows them what is acceptable with God this is where the revelation of Almighty God comes in knowing we are dealing with a person often we don’t see the person “God” through the law just serverity and punishment .
Moving on from there what iv’e learnt is the law teaches us how to live and to treat each other in a just way !
but the heart beat of the law is culture and community the comon ground that brings us together and accepting each other ,i don’t care how spiritual you are without these dynamics it will be impossible to keep people together.
so from a new testament point of view where does our culture comes from ?
Being clear about our spiritual culture and values will determine if we’ll see victory or defeat in our communities, and if we can stand the test of time.
True life is not in the material but as you know its spiritual and that’s the” Word of God”
So if your lacking this, remember what your really lacking is culture , community and the true substance of life the word of God !


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