Application or meditation !

How do we really grow spiritualy ?
application is about our own effort in persuit of being right in Gods sight, trying to please him , good intention but the wrong method , who are we really fooling ? well i supose it’s the theology we have been taught.
but if you think about the great thinkers of history you would find out that they questioned everything ,as christians is this our fear or weakness because for us it can be the bith place for divine reverlation in our lives , the greatest idea’s in history came through meditation ! josh-1v8 is about giving ourself over to constant meditation chewing, pondering ,thinking about the truth so at the appointed time God will give the reverlation that grace will accompany on our amazing journey.
meditation leads to transformation because of the focus (2cor 3v18) application leads to frustration because we are not the source of our need so the focus goes back to our Creator and master Almighty God and his son jesus christ
ps 46v10 says: be still and know that i am God this is the secret of our meditation !


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