Am i prejudice

Such a strong word which can be broken down very simple!
my prejudice is my preference that i set above some one else, my preference can discriminate my brother at church my colleague at work or the man on the train playing rock music that seems a little to loud .
this emotion leads me to feel frustrated,so how do i deal with it ?………………well i learnt to neutralise my own preference like it wasn’t important this helped me to start looking objectively and then we can see and respond differently to that situation.
Our subjective views is not the conclution of any matter but a chip of the bigger picture, value yes your own views but give room for some one else because the journey of learn Is a endless road.


2 Responses

  1. Today I was inspired, inspired by the art of conversation it is a less lonely road when you are informed that there are others beings seeking to look beyond the obvious, seeking to unravel the core of our mind state and reinventing ,updating that mind state there are so many things we can point out that are bad in this world however these times have established a platform for man to learn and understand the true path of knowledge and self preservation

    Nick B

    • that is what our community people need is exploying conversation 1) listening and hearing and feeling each other !
      thanks brother the conversations – peter your barber .

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